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Bolla Bergero Bianco – CTL Consultancy (Corporate Tax and Legal Consultancy) is a firm of highly specialized chartered accountants and financial professionals, with a wide experience acquired by working for the major international consultancy companies (i.e. the “big four”) as well as for national and international Tax/Law firms. Our Partners, after having shared a long professional experience together, decided - at the end of 2015 - to set up a new firm – CTL Consultancy – to broaden the range of professional services they already offered and to introduce innovative services.

Our core business is to offer professional tax, accounting, financial and general business consultancy services to large national and international Groups (including listed companies) and SMEs.

In addition to the services above, our Firm provides an extensive service to clients also through our service company Baker Tilly 3B S.r.l. for bookkeeping and the related tax compliance in favour of small and micro-sized companies, as well as for labour consultancy and payroll. Furthermore, the Firm deals with M&As, compliance with Law n. 231/2001 on anti-corruption, privacy-related matters, support for the preparation of the documentation required for listing which is possible also thanks to the collaboration with lawyers who work in our Milan and Genoa offices.

Since November 2021 the Firm is part of the Tax Division of Baker Tilly Italy with a small number of other Italian tax firms which have been selected directly by Baker Tilly International. Following this integration, the Firm has strengthened its ability to offer high-quality services to its clients thanks to the support of an international network the professionality of which is recognised worldwide.

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